Warrior Infantry Section Vehicle FV510 - Revell Warrior MCV (03128)
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My Revell Warrior was modelled as an infantry section vehicle from the King's Regiment, exercising on Salisbury Plain. The turret needed a bit of tidying up with new sights, periscopes, turret hatch detail and turret storage boxes. The worst part of this kit is the smoke dischargers, I used the four barrelled smoke dischargers from CMSC CVRT range of vehicles. All grab handles were replaced with new ones bent from plastic rod and scratch built camouflage net pole holders were added to the turret and hull. The driver's hatch was opened up and new hatch cover made to allow a driver figure to be added. The pioneer tool stowage frame at the very front of the engine deck, was scratch built with the sledge hammer in place, allowing the pickaxe heads and handles to be fitted around it. Extra equipment was added to match the photographic reference, mini fascine from plastic tube, spades, drip tray, canvas roll and camouflage net. The crew figures came from CMSC British AFV crew, where they provide alternative heads with the Mk6 helmet. A detailed article on the modifications to this model was featured in Military Modelcraft International October 2003 titled ‘A Kings’ Warrior’.

Copyright Tim Neate