Seddon Atkinson Light Equipment Transporter (LET) - CMSC
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The Seddon Atkinson and Trailmaster semi-trailer was built as a master for Continental Model Supply Company (CMSC) in 1998. I started the project by visiting 19 Tank Transporter Squadron RLC, where I was able to measure and photograph several examples of the new Seddon Atkinson Light Equipment Transporter. The dimensions and photographs were passed to my good friend John Church who had agreed to draw the plans for me. The master was constructed using plastic card, Milliput, plastic and metal rods, with only a very few parts modified from existing kits. The tyres for the tractor unit for example, were modified from the Keil Kraft Mercedes 2238S truck wheel. The Seddon Atkinson and trailer was a particularly challenging project because of complexity of the components and the length of the trailer. The trailer had to be separated at the base of the “goose neck” to make it easier to mould and cast. This was a concern as it could have weakened the trailer at a crucial point particularly if loaded with models using white metal parts. With this in mind I designed the join between “goose neck” and trailer bed to be a strong positive fit, providing as much strength and support to the trailer as possible. The hardest part about making a master is breaking the model down in to mouldable parts. With advice and guidance from my old friend Horst Kalinke (CMSC) this task was made a lot easier. Horst relished a challenge and always pushed the boundaries of resin and white metal production particularly when producing my extravagant modelling projects. My completed Seddon Atkinson loaded with two Scimitars was awarded Best of Show at Trucks and Tracks in 1999.

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