Israeli Army Nakpadon Heavy APC - Cromwell Models Nakpadon ADS (72029)
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My Nakpadon is based on the Cromwell Models ADS version, which I have improved by scratch building new details and parts. The larger items such as the rear side armour, generator box, smoke dischargers and antenna mounts, were built from plastic card and rod. The rear stowage basket was shaped from brass rod and soldered together. I decided to replace all of the triangular lifting loops and grab handles on my Nakpadon with copper wire. Crazy idea, there are over 100 loops and handles, over the upper hull, side armour and engine deck. The machine guns are based on a white metal CMSC casting, which I reworked as a master for casting by my good friend Gordon Brown. Four resin copies were use on my model, which included the mounts and ammunition boxes. Many other components were detailed and improved "R2D2 droid", track guards, stowage boxes, periscopes, hinges, catches, spare track links, lights, and infantry telephone. The model was sprayed with Vallejo Model Air 71.044 Light Grey Green and coated with Johnsons Klear before weathering with Humbrol enamels. The Nakpadon crew were converted from Preiser 1/72nd US tank crew figures and the infantry modified from their WW2 Russian Tank Riders. The headgear, body armour, uniform detail and load carrying vests made from plastic card and Milliput.

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