Some of my models from 1996-2005 period
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1. 1996 Saladin 'A' Squadron 4RTR (modified Cromwell kit).
2. 1997 Leyland DAF DROPS RLC Decon Flatrack (scratch built CMSC kit).
3. 1997 BRDM 2 Command Israeli (converted from CMSC kit).
4. 1998 AMX1ORC up armoured Gulf War (modified CMSC kit).
5. 1999 Seddon Atkinson light 'A' mover 19 Squadron RLC (scratch built produced
    as CMSC kit), loaded with CMSC Scimitars.
6. 1999 Land Rover Ambulance Dutch Marines (modified CMSC kit). Featured in 
    ‘Small, but beautifully formed’ article in Military in Scale June 1999.
7. 2000 Prototype Biological Detection System (PBDS) Bedford MK Joint
    NBC Regiment (conversion from JB Models kit).
8. 2000 Chieftain Mk6 (BR 90) AVLB with No 12 Bridge 'ENDEX KFOR
    Training' (mainly scratch built on Airfix kit produced as CMSC kit).
9. 2001 Chieftain Mk6 (BR 90) AVLB with No 10 Bridge 'Charlie Crossing'
    (mainly scratch built on Airfix kit produced as CMSC kit).
10. 2004 BATUS OPFOR bridgelayer (modified from CMSC Spartan kit).
11. 2005 Leopard AVLB (detailed Revell kit). Featured in ‘The Cat for the Gap’
     article in Military Modelcraft International July & August 2006.
12. 2005 Abbot 105mm Self Propelled Gun BATUS ('N' Gauge P.G. Models).

Copyright Tim Neate