Some of my models from 1979-1982 period
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1. 1980 Chieftain Mk3 MBT BATUS (converted Airfix kit).
2. 1980 Leopard 1 Norwegian (modified Airfix kit).
3. 1980 Centurion OPRA (modified Airfix kit).
4. 1981 Chieftain Mk3/3 towed by Centurion Mk2 ARV (converted Airfix kits).
5. 1981 Striker AMF(L) Turkey (modified Airfix kit). Featured in ‘Scorpion Strikes 
    Again’ article in Airfix Magazine December 1981.
6. 1981 Berge Panther (converted Airfix kit).
7. 1981 M5 Half-Track Command Vehicle (converted Airfix kit)
8. 1982 Sultan RHQ Royal Engineers (converted Airfix kit).
9. 1982 M5 Half-Track W.S.J.Neate RE 43rd Wessex Division (Airfix kit).
10. 1982 M825 Tow Vehicle Israeli (scratch built).
11. 1982 Sheridan M551 (Airfix kit).
12. 1982 M32 ARV Israeli (converted Airfix kit with Matchbox running gear). 
      Featured in ‘Israeli M32 ARV’ article in Airfix Magazine July 1982

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