My Models 1989-1999
I built the Leyland DAF DROPS as a finished model in 1994 and in 1997 built it again as a master for CMSC. The CMSC DROPS project was not just a truck, it was a collection of supporting accessories which included two specialised flatracks, a flatrack trailer and a selection palletised loads. The Seddon Atkinson and Trailmaster semi-trailer was another significant model during this period, being awarded Best of Show at Trucks and Tracks 1999. The master was built using John Church's scaled drawings of the Seddon Atkinson and trailer from photographs and measurements I collected during several visits to 19 Tank Transporter Squadron RLC.
1989 Chieftain Willich AVRE (converted Cromwell kit).
1989 Can-Am Bombardier Motorcycle (scratch built).
1989 M5 Half-Track Maintenance Vehicle Israeli (converted Airfix kit).
1990 Supacat 24 (Airmobile) Field Ambulance (scratch built with wheels from Cromwell Models).
1991 FV 436 Ptarmigan Cell Vehicle from 7 Armd Bde HQ and Signals Squadron, Op Granby (scratch built).
1991 Saxon Command Vehicle (scratch built produced as Cromwell kit).
1992 1 Tonne Land Rover Ambulance from 16 Field Ambulance, Op Granby (scratch built).
1992 Supacat fitted with Milan (scratch built with wheels from Cromwell Models).
1994 Leyland DAF DROPS with Weeks 10ton trailer (scratch built), loaded with a Samaritan and Scimitar (modified from Airfix kits).
1995 Trippel (Cromwell models kit).
1995 BRDM 2 Iraqi 12 Armd Div (scratch built produced as CMSC kit).
1995 MT-LB Ambulance Iraqi (modified from Cromwell kit).
1995 DUKW 18 Amphibious Squadron RCT (modified from Airfix kit).
1996 Buffalo with Jeep Ambulance (modified from Airfix and Matchbox kits).
1996 Sabre Recce Platoon 1 RGJ (converted Airfix kit, turret shape made by Sean Pritchard, produced as CMSC kit).
1996 OPFOR Salamander BATUS (converted Airfix kit produced as CMSC kit).
1996 Saladin 'A' Squadron 4RTR (modified Cromwell kit).
1997 Leyland DAF DROPS RLC, Flatrack Trailer, Water Flatrack, Decon Flatrack, Ammo boxes and ration pallet (scratch built produced as CMSC kit).
1997 BRDM 2 Command Israeli (converted from CMSC kit).
1998 AMX1ORC up armoured Gulf War (modified CMSC kit).
1999 Seddon Atkinson light 'A' mover 19 Squadron RLC (scratch built produced as CMSC kit), loaded with CMSC Scimitars.
1999 Land Rover Ambulance Dutch Marines (modified CMSC kit).

Copyright Tim Neate