My Models 1983-1988
During the 1980's I built the first of several masters for Cromwell Models. One of my favourites was the Ferret scout car and having it cast allowed me to build seven versions of the Ferret, three of which were presented to Sergeant Majors from 1 RTR and the RSDG. Reference material to build other countries vehicles was very limited at this time, the Australian SAS Land Rover was built using just three black and white photos found in an Australian Army publication. In the mid 80's I produced two Israeli dioramas by converting Airfix kits and scratch building two versions of M113. The Zil 157 truck was converted from the Airfix SAM-2 missile kit, which was very difficult to get hold of during the 80's, I was very lucky that a friend managed to find one in a newsagent.
1983 1 Tonne Land Rover Rebroadcast vehicle Royal Signals (scratch built).
1983 1 Tonne Land Rover Milan carrier with Trailer (scratch built).
1983 Chieftain Mk5 AVLB with No9 Bridge BATUS (converted Airfix kit).
1983 Challenger 1 Royal Hussars (scratch built).
1983 Australian SAS Land Rover (scratch built).
1983 Lebanon Casualty Israeli Half-Track Ambulance towing a captured Syrian Zil 157 truck (converted Airfix kits).
1983 FV 432 Command Vehicle and FV 434 Maintenance Vehicle (scratch built for 13/18 Hussars Museum).
1985 Lebanon Withdrawal Israeli Centurion with two M113 APCs (converted Airfix kit with scratch built M113s).
1985 Samson ARV 4RTR (converted Airfix kit).
1986 Saxon Recovery KORB Regiment (scratch built).
1987 Chieftain ARRV 2RTR (converted Airfix kit).
1987 Stillbrew Chieftain with TOGS 4RTR (converted Airfix kit produced as Cromwell Models kit).
1987 Spartan APC Armoured Engineers (converted Airfix kit).
1987 YPR-765 Command Vehicle (scratch built).
1988 Scorpion Recce Troop RSDG (modified Airfix kit).
1988 Ferret Mk2 BATUS (scratch built produced as Cromwell Models kit).
1988 Ferret Mk1/1 Royal Hussars (scratch built produced as Cromwell Models kit).
1988 Ferret Mk1/1 SSM HQ Sqn RSDG and Ferret Mk1/1 RSM RSDG (modified Cromwell Models kits).
1988 Ferret Mk2 Tank Troop Safety BATUS and Ferret Mk2 Squadron Safety BATUS (modified Cromwell Models kits).
1988 Ferret Mk1/2 LRV OC REME RSDG (converted Cromwell Models kit).

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