My Models 1979-1982
My first project in 1979 after returning to modelling, was to build the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked (CVRT) family of vehicles. The Scorpion and Scimitar were built straight from the Airfix kit and the other five conversions using the engine deck and running gear from the kit. All seven models were entered in the 1979 MAFVA Nationals, which was a great education and source of encouragement. My next model was an Airfix Chieftain MBT, which was a big improvement over CVRT family, incorporating modelling techniques seen at the Nationals. Joining the MAFVA provided access to scaled drawings in Tankette the association's bi-monthly magazine which inspired me to tackle larger conversions and eventually scratch building.
1979 Scorpion, Scimitar, Striker, Spartan, Samaritan, Sultan and Samson (all made from Airfix kits).
1979 Chieftain Mk3/3 MBT (modified Airfix kit).
1980 Land Rover FFR and Trailer (scratch built).
1980 Chieftain Mk3 MBT BATUS (converted Airfix kit).
1980 Leopard 1 Norwegian (modified Airfix kit).
1980 Scimitar AMF(L) Norway (modified Airfix kit).
1980 Centurion OPRA (modified Airfix kit).
1981 Chieftain Mk3/3 towed by Centurion Mk2 ARV (modified and converted Airfix kits).
1981 Scorpion and Striker AMF(L) Turkey (modified Airfix kits).
1981 M163 Vulcan Air Defence System U.S. (scratch built).
1981 FV 610 Saracen fitted with F.A.C.E. (scratch built).
1981 Berge Panther (converted Airfix kit).
1981 Dutch Jeep with TOW (converted Matchbox kit).
1981 M5 Half-Track Command Vehicle and M3 Half-Track with 20mm cannon Israeli (converted Airfix kit).
1982 Chieftain ARV 'A' Sqn QRIH (converted Airfix kit).
1982 Sultan RHQ Royal Engineers (converted Airfix kit).
1982 AEC Militant Mk3 recovery towing Scimitar AMF(L) (scratch built AEC and modified Scimitar Airfix kit).
1982 Upgraded Centurion MBT Israeli (converted Airfix kit).
1982 M5 Half-Track W.S.J.Neate RE 43rd Wessex Division (Airfix kit).
1982 M825 Tow Vehicle Israeli (scratch built).
1982 Sheridan M551 (Airfix kit).
1982 M32 ARV Israeli (converted Airfix kit with Matchbox HVSS running gear).

Copyright Tim Neate