My Models 2000-2017
Building the Chieftain Mk6 AVLB as master was the most exciting and challenge project I have attempted for production. The bridge launching mechanism had to be constructed so that the model could be built in any of the bridge launching positions. Horst Kalinke's expertise and experience put the kit into production as a CMSC multi-media kit, overcoming initial problems with the large No10 bridge sections. Putting together one of the first castings was very exciting, especially seeing the No10 bridge complete for the first the time, and suspended from the front of the AVLB.
2000 Prototype Biological Detection System (PBDS) mounted on a Bedford MK Joint NBC Regiment (conversion from JB Models kit).
2000 Chieftain Mk6 (BR 90) AVLB with No 12 Bridge 'ENDEX KFOR Training' (mainly scratch built on Airfix kit produced as CMSC kit).
2001 Chieftain Mk6 (BR 90) AVLB with No 10 Bridge 'Charlie Crossing' (mainly scratch built on Airfix kit produced as CMSC kit).
2001 Spartan APC (scratch built produced as CMSC kit).
2003 Warrior 1 Kings (detailed Revell kit).
2004 BATUS OPFOR bridgelayer (modified from CMSC Spartan kit).
2005 Australian Leopard AVLB (detailed Revell kit).
2005 Abbot 105mm Self Propelled Gun BATUS ('N' Gauge P.G. Models kit).
2006 BMP 2 1st Armoured Division Indian Army (detailed ACE kit).
2007 GMC Sierra Training Support Vehicle BATUS (Senior Royal Artillery callsign) (conversion from Cararama model).
2008 Israeli Achzarit T55 Heavy APC (modified and detailed Cromwell Combat 72 kit, using PST T55 running gear and Revell Merkava track).
2009 Char B bis (detailed and corrected Trumpeter kit with scratch built track and drivers hatch).
2010 Austin K2 Ambulance North Africa (detailed and corrected Airfix kit).
2011 AS90 155mm Self Propelled Gun 137 Battery 40 Regiment RA (detailed and corrected Trumpeter kit).
2012 Universal Carrier II MkII AOP 112 Field Regiment RA, 43rd Wessex Division (conversion from IBG kit).
2013 Indian Army PT-76 Light Amphibious Tank (detailed PST kit).
2014 Israeli Nakpadon Heavy APC (modified and detailed Cromwell Combat 72 kit).
2015 Indian Army Vijayanta Tank (modified and detailed Cromwell Models 1/76 kit).
2017 RMP Aktiv Sno-Tric (scratch built 1/76).
2017 Israeli M60 AVLB Tagash Tsemed (mainly scratch built on Revell kit produced as Friendship Models kit).

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