Models Built as Masters
In 1983 I made my first resin kit master for Gordon Brown's Cromwell models, this was a 1 tonne Land Rover with wide track trailer. I made several more masters for Cromwell before being asked to work with Horst Kalinke of Continental Model Supply Company (CMSC) in 1995. Horst and I worked on some great projects together, his experience and skill allowed my DROPS, AVLB and light 'A' mover to be produced in resin and white metal. Master building is so different from making a model for yourself, every facet of the model has to be perfect, because any mistakes will be reproduced in the casting for all to see. Making masters is very challenging aspect of modelling, and the finished product is all the more pleasing when other modellers have always wanted that particular model as a kit.
Cromwell Models
1983 1 tonne Land Rover with wide track trailer.
1987 Chieftain MBT and Stillbrew Chieftain with TOGS.
Modern British AFV crew figures.
1988 Ferret Mk1/1 and Ferret Mk2.
1991 Saxon APC.
Milan compact turret 1/35 scale.
2008 Israeli Achzarit APC Crew figures.
2014 FN MG and mount for Nakpadon.
Friendship Models
2010 Char B track links and drivers hatch.
2011 Track links for Airfix WW1 Female tank.
2012 Open back door for the Revell Warrior.
2017 Israeli Army M60 AVLB “Tagash Tsemed”
Continental Model Supply Company (CMSC)
1995 US Army mortar crew.
1995 BRDM 2.
1995 British Army storage bins, ammunition boxes, Jerry can, water can and oil can.
1996 Scorpion and Scimitar.
1996 OPFOR Salamander BATUS.
1996 Sabre.
1996 Modern AFV crew figures:- British, French, and Soviet.
1997 Leyland DAF DROPS, King Flatrack Trailer, Flatrack, Water Flatrack, Decon Flatrack, Ammo boxes and ration pallet.
1999 Seddon Atkinson and Trailmaster semi-trailer.
2000 Chieftain Mk6 (BR 90) AVLB with No 12 and No 10 Bridge.
2001 Spartan APC.
2001 Spartan APC storage boxes air defence version.
2005 Australian Leopard MBT storage boxes.

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