In Print 2001-2013
By 2001 I was writing for Ian Young again, now the editor of Military Machines International. These articles were either reports on military exercises or information and descriptions on specific military vehicles in keeping with the theme of the magazine. These articles were very occasionally punctuated with modelling articles for Military Modelcraft International. My most recent modelling article came about when David Grummitt saw my Char B bis on Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forum and invited me to write it up for Military Modelcraft. The highpoint of my writing achievements came in 2009 when Jochen Vollert the owner of Tankograd publications agreed to publish my Salisbury Plain Training Area title in Tankograd's British Special series.
2001 June Military Machines International - Enemy on the Prairie – Photo report on BATUS OPFOR vehicles.
2001 August Military Machines International - Chieftain AVLB – British Army’s Chieftain AVLB BR90.
2001 October Military Machines International - Saracen APC – First purpose built British APC.
2001 November Military Machines International - Urban Warrior – Saracen APC Northern Ireland variants.
2002 November Military Machines International - Saxon in British Army Use – Variants used the British Army.
2003 October Military Modelcraft International - ‘A Kings’ Warrior – Detailing the Revell 1:72 scale Warrior kit.
2004 May Military Machines International - Belgians in Britain – Report on Belgian Artillery Exercise on Salisbury Plain.
2005 February Military Machines International - Chieftain AVRE – Armoured workhorse British Army’s Chieftain AVRE.
2005 March Military Machines International - Not Just Plain Artillery – Report on Dutch 11th Horse Artillery Battalion exercise on Salisbury Plain.
2006 February Military Machines International - Exercise Urgent Quest – Combat identification assessment exercise.
2006 July Military Modelcraft International - Just the Right Cat for the Gap Part 1 – Detailing the Revell 1:72 scale Leopard Biber to make Australian version.
2006 August Military Modelcraft International - The Cat for the Gap Part 2 – Detailing the Revell 1:72 scale Leopard Biber to make Australian version.
2006 September Military Machines International - Track of all Trades Part 1 – British Army’s FV432 variants.
2006 October Military Machines International - Track of all Trades Part 2 – British Army’s FV432 variants.
2006 December Military Machines International - Exercise Iron Storm – Report on 3 (UK) Division’s offensive support group live firing exercise.
2007 March Military Machines International - Ever Ready – Report on 3 Commando Brigade pre-deployment exercise on Salisbury Plain.
2007 May Military Machines International - Firepower Demo – Report on combined arms firepower demonstration Salisbury Plain.
2007 September Military Machines International - Fox Troop – ‘Step back in time visit’ to Fox Troop of 489 Battery RA.
2008 October Military Machines International - Seeing the Light – Restoration of a WW2 searchlight.
2009 Tankograd British Special No9013 - Salisbury Plain Training Area – Author.
2010 April Military Modelcraft International - A Char B bis Named Verdun II – Detailing the 1:72 scale Trumpeter Char B bis kit.
2011 Tankograd British Special No9016 - Modern British Army Tank Transporters– 37 Photos.
2013 April Military Machines International - Rail Gun - A rare surviving example of a 18 inch howitzer mounted on a railway sleigh at Larkhill.

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