Oil and Fuel
Fuel and oil leaks or spillages, happens to most vehicles at some time or other. Engine trouble, wheel hubs leaking or spills during refuelling can produce black or dark brown runs and patches over accumulated dirt and dust. A combination of dry brushing washes and dabbing with a brush will produce most oil and fuel stains. A wash will portray a fuel spill or leak and adding dry brushing around the source will produce the density of a heavier or more persistent spill or leak. Small dabs of diluted black applied with the tip of a brush will look like drips or splashes. Exhaust soot is another related item to this section and is quite simple to apply by dry brushing black around the exhaust outlet and sometimes the surrounding area.

This Saxon has wheel hub oil leak, which has been flicked on to the tyre as the wheel rotates. Also the engine louvre hinges have been oiled and dust has stuck to the oilly areas. July 2005

A fuel spill from the hoses of the refuelling equipment on this Bedford TM leaves a dark brown patch, which has spread to fuel tank and battery box below the flatbed. July 1996
A Chieftain AVLB with a bad oil leak over the rear. Notice that the stain is black with the edges fading to brown. It also has track spray on the rear with accumulated mud around the road wheels. April 1998
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