Current Modelling Projects
Here are some of the models that I am working on at the moment.
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Indian Army “BHISHMA” T90S Tank - This is a tank that I have wanted to make for a while, but I have struggled to find any plans to scratch build the turret. Using the Zvezda 1/35 scale T-90 kit I have scaled the measurements down to build my turret, which I have mounted on the Revell T-72 hull. The most complicated part so far has been the commanders’ cupola, which is a model in its own. It certainly packs a lot of equipment and detail in to a very small area. Although there are several T90 kits on the market since I started this project, I wanted to stick to the original plan and complete Revell conversion, especially after scratch building the turret. I'm concentrating on the hull at the moment, making the necessary modification to transform it into the T90.

Israeli Army M109A2 Doher 155mm Self-Propelled Gun - The OKB Grigoroy casting is good, but a few of the details are not quite right for the IDF M109A2 Doher. I removed all the turret detail to make it easier to add additional equipment and stowage required for IDF version. The rectangular turret hatch was cut out to allow for a crew figure and I’ve started building the taller IDF commanders cupola. The A2 sight cover from the kit has been modified to Israeli standard. The barrel comes in three pieces and needs some careful lining up before joining it to the mantlet. The muzzle brake and gun mantlet requires a bit of reshaping too match detail on the Doher version. The driver’s position was moved forward as it was too close to the turret, which has meant changing the slope of the hull and re-cutting the panel line to allow everything to line up correctly, nightmare! The transmission covers on the front lower hull were a bit square and needed reshaping, as well as adding few new pieces on the front. I'm making steady progress, with the recoil spades and APU for the rear of the turret now completed. The two large turret baskets are made from plastic rod and fine nylon type mesh with jerry cans and other racking attaching to each side. More detail behind the commander’s cupola has been added, plus a shovel and antenna mount for the turret side.

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