Using Figures
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Crew figures are a great addition to a model, creating a sense of scale and adding a spark of life. The best figures to use are those produced in hard plastic, which are easy to carve, sand, fill, and glue. Exact scale is not that important, because in real life people are different shapes and sizes, and as long as the sizes are not to extreme the figures will work together. Any hard plastic figures are good for conversion especially if they have good facial features, well defined hands and arms positioned away from the body providing the opportunity for repositioning. These are the key elements too making a good figure, everything else, including uniform detail, equipment and webbing, can be built up using Milliput or plasticard. Posing a figure in or on a vehicle is best done in situ, whilst the glue is setting, this way the arms, legs and head can be finely adjusted in to exactly the right position. It's best to create natural poses as these are more pleasing to the eye. By studying photographs you will get a good idea of how the human form interacts with different vehicles and equipment. Make sure your crew figures are performing meaningful and relevant actions for the setting or scene you place them in.

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