Universal Carrier Royal Artillery OP Crew
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The Royal Artillery OP figures for my Universal Carrier consist of a driver, wireless operator, OP assistant (Lance Bombardier) and a Captain. The drivers head and torso came from the Airfix Bren gun carrier kit, the two standing crew are based on figures from the Airfix Bofors gun kit and the wireless operator was made with parts from several different manufacturers. Arms from the Preiser figure range were used on all of the carrier figures as they have well defined hands with a good selection of arm positions. Green Putty was used to fill most of the minor gaps with plastic card used to fill and strengthen larger cavities between the torso and limbs. The space inside the carrier is quite tight and fitting the crew in position was quite a challenge, especially the driver and wireless operator. The driver took several attempts to tailor his body to fit into the cramped drivers’ compartment. This was accomplished by dry fitting the front of the hull over the driver figure until it fitted to the hull without being fouled by the driver. The hull front was finally glued in place after the drivers and the interior had been painted. The helmets and webbing pouches were provided by figures from Plastic Soldiers Late War British Infantry set with the straps and belts made from plastic card. I scratch built the Captains pistol holster, the wireless operators’ headphones and drivers’ goggles. The figures were primed before painting with Humbrol enamels.

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