Indian Army Sarath BMP 2 IFV - ACE BMP-2 (72112)
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The ACE BMP 2 kit needed a lot of tidying up and re-detailing, but was ideal for finishing as an Indian Sarath IFV. New commander's, driver's and turret hatch covers were built from plasticard with improvement made to sights and other turret detail. The Spigot missile launcher was heavily reworked and new smoke dischargers built from plastic rod for both side of the turret. A replacement aluminium barrel from Armo No72748 was fitted with the canvas cover at the base made from Milliput. The hull rear doors were rebuilt with plasticard profiles and Milliput used to create fuel cells. Most Indian BMP's have a large characteristic exhaust extension fitted, which I made from plasticard. The idlers and drive sprockets were cleaned up and modified to better represent the components on the real vehicle. The road wheels were replaced with white metal castings from a master of an improved road wheel. The crew figures were converted from a variety of figures with heads from CMSC Soviet tank crew set. The unusual camouflage scheme was reproduced by using a set of rubber stamps (in the shape of an L, I and T) cut from an old office stamp. After the base disruptive pattern of green and stone was dry, contrasting colours of green, stone and brown were applied using the rubber stamps. This method allows the positioning and spacing of consistently sized shapes and the arrangement of the different shapes and colours, before over painting by hand for a flat finish.

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