GMC Training Support Vehicle Royal Artillery BATUS - Cararama GMC Sierra (1323243)
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The Cararama GMC Sierra was perfect to use for conversion to a BATUS training support vehicle. I dismantled the model by removing the three small screws, breaking down the model into 5 components, wheels, chassis, cab, cargo area and interior. The cab is cast in Zamak, a Zinc Aluminium alloy, with grill, wing mirrors, lights, chassis, cargo area, interior, glazing and wheel hubs made from plastic. The tyres are vinyl and there are metal rods connecting the wheel hubs. I had to buy a second GMC model to provide a spare wheel. I corrected the hubs by using the original rims and adding the correct design and number of spokes, which was used as a master to produce 5 white metal replacement hubs. The cab was changed to a four door version by removing the door pillars and panel line. New door pillars from plasticard were fitted in position and new panel lines cut. The roof hatch, roof map board, and the two cargo area storage bins were built using plasticard. The original front bumper was removed from the chassis and the lower front bodywork cut away to make space for the new front bumper. A new rear bumper was scratch built from plasticard and attached to the rear of the cargo area. The roll bar was made from plastic rod, with the addition five antenna mounts. The very finest antennae were made using individual cat hairs and the larger ones from plastic rod. I modify the interior by removing the front passenger seat and scratch building the radio equipment that takes its place next to the driver. The sun visors and rear-view mirror was added to the roof interior and windscreen. The red stripes were cut from large scale aircraft decals with the other markings being made using a computer (scans and artwork), some liquid decal film and gummed paper. The vehicle registration plate was scanned from a photo and printed on to some thin white card.

Copyright Tim Neate