AS90 155mm Self Propelled Gun - Trumpeter British AS90 SPG (07221)
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The model depicts an AS90 from 137 (Java) Battery 40 Regiment, Royal Artillery, during a training exercise on Salisbury Plain. I have corrected and improved many details on the turret and hull, with some parts from the Eduard photo etch set (22092). I scratch built a new barrel lock, MG mount, driver's hatch cover, sledge hammer, axe, smoke dischargers and a drip tray. The barrel was shortened by 10mm to the correct length for British Army service with some sag added to the canvas sleeve at the base of the barrel. The sag on the canvas cover was achieved by filing a dip on the top, adding Milliput the underside and blending it in with the sides. I traced around the individual grooves with a file and reshaped the peaks. The turret bundle, crew shelter, engine deck thermal sheet and muzzle cover were all made from Milliput. The cam net poles were made from brass rod and plastic strip, with water cans, ammunition box and pick axe heads from CMSC accessories sets. The mud flaps are actually track pad deflectors and should be hooked up when travelling across country and down when travelling on road to stop loose track pads flying through car windscreens. The "mud flaps", are made from Post-it note paper, because it's about the right thickness and flexible enough to replicate the shape of the flaps. The crew figures were converted from Preiser 1/72nd US tank crew figures with a bit of Milliput and plasticard.

Copyright Tim Neate