Israeli Army Achzarit T55 Heavy APC - Cromwell Models Achzarit APC (72006)
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This is the Cromwell Models Combat 72 Achzarit T55 heavy APC with some additional parts from a other manufacturers. The tracks and running gear was replaced using the lower hull sides, road wheels and improved idlers from the PST T55 kit, plus the Revell Merkava III track and Revell T72 drive sprockets. I opened up the rest of the crew hatches and used FN machine guns from the CMSC accessory range adding scratch built mounts and ammunition boxes. New tow cables were fitted and folding stretchers added to the storage areas on each side of the hull. The rear storage basket with jerry can holder was rebuilt using plastic strips and left empty of stowage.
The crew figures are all converted from Preiser 1/72 modern US tank crew, with scratch built body armour and helmets. The colours used for the crew uniforms and body armour are Humbrol 159 and 102, with 72 used on the helmets and as the base vehicle colour.

Copyright Tim Neate